There’s Always Room For #WorldDogDay2014

By Roomsy Let’s face it: dogs are pretty amazing. I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but we’re probably the best animals ever. Beyond being an exceptionally intelligent dog myself (I’m a developer on a $2 million funded tech startup, after all), I’m well aware that we canines are clever and loyal by nature.…

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Singers Who Style With Perfect Pitch

By Kristine Xu Music is the fuel that keeps many of us running throughout the day, whether we’re working out, at the office or relaxing at home. Therefore, I think it’s only proper to give a round of applause to the following names for providing us with hip-swinging and finger-snapping music that we loyally listen…

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Using The Online Room Designer - Just In Time For FIFA!

Using The Online Room Designer – Just In Time For FIFA!


By Joshua Burton

The backbone of our platform sits at the top of our main page on a stylish chair – it’s the myWebRoom Designer. From here you have total control over your WebRoom in a uniquely dynamic way. With the Designer you have access to everything in our SHOP – hundreds of hand-picked quality items from a variety of retailers to play with in your dream home. With the FIFA World Cup just…

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Roommate Spotlight - Getting Down to Business With El Presidente John Gonzalez

Roommate Spotlight – Getting Down to Business With El Presidente John Gonzalez

john barza

By Joshua Burton

When John Gonzalez is in a room you definitely notice him. Stylish and slim, John is like an art gallery installation – meticulously put together. His hair is always in precise condition, his handlebar mustache carefully shaped, and his attire fresh and clean with the appearance that it was lifted from a men’s style magazine. To say that appearance is important to him would be an…

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How To Delight With Yellow Decor

yellow decor design

By Joshua Burton

Summer’s approaching! We want to highlight some bright decor ideas in time for the long, hot months of the year. Yellow is a great color for creating bright space for sunny rooms or bringing a bit of color to darker rooms using light and color to lighten the mood.

yellow sofa decor interior design

Sometimes a single large yellow item in the room can accent the minor yellows within a mostly neutral room.

yellow armchair trendy  interior design


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Roommate Spotlight - ROOMSY!

Roommate Spotlight – ROOMSY!

photo 1

By Roomsy

This week our Roommate Spotlight is going to be a little different. Everyone’s always talking about the designers or the programmers or the founders, but why doesn’t anyone talk about the spirit of the whole company? ME.

roomsy mywebroom dog pet cute

While it may seem like most of the others in this place are important to the whole myWebRoom experience, what isn’t taken into account is how much these people depend…

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Show Your Colors For Memorial Day!

Show Your Colors For Memorial Day!


By Joshua Burton

Memorial Day is an important holiday in the United States. Stateside nationalism is deeply-rooted in the concept that our freedom wasn’t free – it was purchased with the lives and hard work of our fallen military family.

In light of that, we’ve released a star-spangled new collection in our Shop that highlights our appreciation for those fallen, those serving and, well the USA…

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